/satellite/WNA_SST_2009 --y_pixel_unit eq -.01614599609375-- Level 1

      Directory  DocumentationPlotting and Other Operations...

        Level 0 Level 2 (of 2)      Flat list

New variable name in file
   Name =  Could not change directory to /var/www/html/nasdata/avhrr/AFMIS_hdf/2009
*** Note: the string beginning with 'Could' and ending with ...'2009'
*** is preceded by whitespace
   Lowest level file open is at level 1
   File is output of command
   Command & params = /home/dmo/globec_satellite/Scripts/sat_images_level_1.active /home/dmo/globec_satellite/avhrr_data/WNA_SST_AFMIS.config AFMIS_hdf n17 2009
   More diagnostic info from command(?) follows:
    Cannot continue
    Above message from /home/dmo/globec_satellite/Scripts/sat_images_level_1.active
    Date of message: 2020/06/05 10:34
   Last record read was # 4

   (Count includes comments, blanks, etc; excludes addl diag info, if any)
   This msg issued Fri Jun  5 10:34:42 2020
   Effective username of process: apache
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